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The future of the oil business is in the hands of welders

A few years ago, I had lunch with a female friend in the magazine business. Our talk turned to our respective childrens’ futures, essentially the same conversation parents have been having since Adam and Eve bemoaned what might happen to Cain and Abel: what will our kids do with their lives? (Turns out those two siblings really did have bad stuff in their later years.)

This woman, highly successful in her field, noted that she’d be happy to have her son grow up to be a skilled craftsman, like a carpenter. No, I said. Skilled craftsman, yes, but have him become a welder.

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Michigan comes to Australia: Chevron MD draws stark comparison on LNG wages

The state of Western Australia is almost half the size of Russia but home to only 2.5 million people, almost 2 million of whom live in and around the state capital of Perth.

The pleasant city has grown rapidly on the back of Australia’s resources boom. The region’s fast-growing mining, oil and gas industries have seen sleek new office towers rise above the city’s older Victorian heritage buildings, staffed by neatly attired office workers pacing purposefully to well paid jobs, A$4 ($3.76) ‘flat white’ coffees in hand.

So it was a resource industry-friendly city in which to hold the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association’s annual conference and trade show, which ran April 6-9 and attracted a record-breaking 3,600 delegates, making it – according to the organizers – the biggest oil industry conference in the southern hemisphere.

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Trying to lure the best, brightest and youngest into the steel industry

For years now, attracting the best and brightest graduates to work in what’s commonly perceived as the dirty, unglamorous steel industry has been challenging. But there are some signs that may be changing.

Next month, several of the most promising talents will converge in Brussels, having been invited — all expenses paid — as regional champions of the World Steel Association’s 8th Steel University Challenge.

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API sets out its goals in making energy a 2014 campaign issue

If you had any doubts that energy would be an election issue in 2014, forget about them.

The head of the American Petroleum Institute, Jack Gerard, made clear Tuesday that November elections for Congress as well as state and local offices will figure prominently in the industry’s agenda this year.

“The collective decisions of the 2014 voters will shape whether and the extent to which our nation fulfills its potential as an energy superpower,” Gerard declared in unveiling API’s 2014 campaign, dubbed “America’s Energy, America’s Choice.”

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Oil industry job prospects, pay, work locales all look rosy

Need a job?  If you’re a mechanical engineer — or an engineer, period — your prospects of finding one in the oil and gas industry are pretty rosy.

According to drilling consultants RigZone’s first hiring study released earlier this week, nearly  half the hiring managers and recruiters at 183 upstream, midstream and downstream companies  surveyed said they plan to recruit oil and gas professionals in the second half of this year.

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People in the US are increasingly going where the oil and natural gas are

The footprint of the growing US oil and gas industry is very much on display in the Census Bureau’s report on the fastest-growing metropolitan areas and smaller cities.

The Census Bureau is known for its decennial counting of the number of people in the country. But it also does annual updates that use a variety of data rather than the  head counting that takes place every 10 years.

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Moot court contest will focus on hydraulic fracturing

Beginning this week, about a hundred college students and coaches will be experiencing a trial by fire, or if you like, trial before real judges on a real hot button issue: fracking.

They will be appearing in moot court sessions in which they will be arguing the pros and cons of the practice that has dramatically changed the US energy market. On the last day of the three-day encounter, the top students will be making their cases before real judges. One is a judge on the West Virginia Court of Appeals; another is a West Virginia Supreme Court justice. Two sit on US District Court benches in West Virginia.

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Unconventional oil and natural gas jobs, revenues are growing even in non-producing states

If you happen to run into some folks at your holiday parties with a grumpy view of the oil industry, here’s one counter-measure.

Before you head out there, read the latest IHS report on the sizeable impacts of unconventional oil and gas on  jobs and revenues in both producing and non-producing states, and quote some of its compelling numbers to the Grinchy nay-sayers.  The study serves as an impressive New Year’s toast to the unconventional oil and gas industry, which was virtually non-existent a dozen years ago.

The business consultancy’s report, issued this week, isn’t overly long at 27 pages. But the vast amount of statistics it contains, in addition to several appendices, is eye-opening.  It can be found here.

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London airports debate raises tough questions for future of Scotland’s oil capital

More than a hundred thousand workers in the heart of the UK’s oil and gas industry in Aberdeen could find themselves slowly cut off from London’s financial markets and government halls if the country doesn’t find a way to expand airport capacity around the capital soon.

Nicol Stephen, a Scottish Liberal Democrat peer in the House of Lords, told the house in a debate on Wednesday that busy airports around London, and fee structures that favor long-haul trips over flights within the UK, mean some airlines could cut services. Stephen cited a decision by UK domestic carrier Flybe to close its Aberdeen-to-Gatwick route in October as evidence.

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Caltex Australia shows its feminine side

In what is traditionally a male-dominated industry, one of Australia’s oil refiners is showing its feminine side, recently unveiling what is believed to be the nation’s most generous workplace support package for new parents.

Caltex Australia, which is chaired by a woman, says the move is “ground-breaking” because it goes beyond corporate Australia’s traditional focus on giving employees paid leave just before and after the birth of a baby, to focus on providing cash for parents to make their own childcare choices after they are back at work. Read the rest of this entry »