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Immigration reform debate not lost on US petrochemical industry

The US petrochemical industry has the money, the cheap feedstocks, the technology and the projects to boom in a way perhaps never seen thanks to shale gas.

What it lacks is enough skilled labor to see these projects through. And as industry players will tell you, that’s a huge problem.

“This problem isn’t going to go away,” Dow Chemical VP Jim Fitterling said at the recently held IHS World Petrochemical Conference in Houston. “In fact, it has the potential to get worse.”

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Petrochemicals infographic: Global polyethylene trade flows

Platts petrochemical analysis team have joined forces with our design & production department to produce what we think is a  beautifully crafted infographic on global trade flows for polyethylene. It also details surplus and deficit totals and includes key trend points, statistics and forecasts going out all the way to 2023. Remember: we’d love to read your thoughts on the impact of shale on both petrochemical and oil markets, so join in on the comments section below.

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The case for exporting crude oil

Looking over the numbers, and knowing the way the North American oil market works, it’s becoming increasingly apparent to me that current US crude oil production cannot be sustained unless the Department of Commerce begins to permit exports beyond Canada.

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Renewed life enters the key state hosting the Bakken oil field

The oil boom in the Bakken Shale play has done more than provide the US with a major source of sweet crude oil. It has helped revitalize an entire state.

While ever-growing oil production in North Dakota is nothing new — the state will likely hit 1 million b/d in early 2014 — life surrounding the wellheads has started to grab headlines.

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Court cases and severance taxes: some dark clouds out there for Pennsylvania natural gas producers

In the last five years Pennsylvania has grown from a marginal natural gas producer to an 8 Bcf/d-plus behemoth that will pass Louisiana as the US’s second most productive state this year. (Texas is far and away the top producer with more than 22 Bcf/d of gas production.)

What’s not to like: a shallow Marcellus shale formation, lots of fresh water, economically battered rural communities, and no severance tax.

But the honeymoon is over.

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Can US Northeast natural gas demand rise again?

The US Northeast is flooded with natural gas such that supplies are desperately trying to find alternative homes in eastern Canada, the Midwest and the Southeast.

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Sustainable North American oil boom would have complicated impact on OPEC

The steady increase in US oil output of recent years, especially as a result of shale oil exploitation, has not gone unnoticed by OPEC. But is it sustainable?

That was a question posed rhetorically by OPEC Secretary General Abdulla ElBadri in late October on the sidelines of a Gulf Intelligence energy forum in Muscat, Oman. Expanding on the issue, he said it remained to be seen whether US and Canadian crude production could be maintained at current levels, let alone increased, implying that it was too early for OPEC to start worrying seriously about any potential impact to the market call on the organization’s crude.

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US as oil producer top dog? It’s a question of timing

So exactly when will the US shale revolution allow the world’s biggest oil consumer to topple Saudi Arabia as the biggest global oil producer?

The International Energy Agency reignited the perennial supply topic Friday with its latest monthly oil market report. According the report, the US will, at least, replace Russia as the world’s number two oil producer before mid-2014.

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Survivor Latin America: Small polymer makers ponder moves ahead of US petrochemicals boom

The US petrochemical renaissance could spell the death of the small polymer producer in Latin America.

Or not.

But there’s no denying that the threat facing these companies is quite real and quite easy to figure out.

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IEA hedges bets on new 20-year supply peak in non-OPEC oil

The International Energy Agency has painted a picture of softer market fundamentals in 2014, but gone to lengths to point out a number of intangibles which could ultimately derail its latest predictions.

Fleshing out for the first time its oil market forecasts for 2014, the IEA believes the US’ shale oil boom will continue to underpin surging non-OPEC supply next year.

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