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Rollin’ on the river — or not, for global biofuels

The essential role rivers play in the transportation of biofuels across Europe and the United States becomes only too apparent when water levels hit extreme highs or lows as they have done this year.

Severe droughts have plagued Europe over the summer and the lack of rain has resulted in drastically low water levels along the length of the Rhine. Similarly, the largest river system in the United States, and North America, the Mississippi, has also experienced low water levels making barging difficult for buyers and sellers. Platts US and European biofuels team look at the impact this is having on biofuel markets in the region.

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What a difference a year makes for European ethanol

The European ethanol community gathered in Budapest over the first week of November to look at the current challenges and opportunities facing the ethanol, and wider biofuels, markets. As the dust settles and the excitement wanes, we take a look at the overarching messages and opinions coming from the biofuels, and in particular, ethanol industry.

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Steel seems poised to keep on runnin’, keep on hidin’

So say the lyrics immortalized by Spencer Davis, which to some degree show what is wrong with the global steel market — it keeps on running and hiding from its overcapacity.

For global producers to return to 85% utilization rates, 170 million mt of global capacity has to disappear, according to Macquarie Research. To reach headier rates of 90% utilization rates, at which mills can make decent money, the equivalent of Western European and Japanese production (275 million mt) needs to exit the market.

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The Oil Big Five: Already looking at changes for 2016 and beyond

We’re speeding toward the end of 2015, which means that our monthly oil feature, The Oil Big Five, is increasingly focused on topics that could shape the global oil industry into 2016 and beyond.

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Recent news paints global picture of doom and gloom for steel

The steel industry doesn’t have much to cheer about these days. Some recent news items tell the tale:

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Costs bear down on venerable Shetland oil industry

The North Sea oil industry, particularly the Shetland region at its core, is showing the strain of low oil prices, raising questions about its viability.

The demise of the four-decade old UK industry has been predicted many times, with recent concerns centered on taxation and possible independence for Scotland.

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A US ethanol rally to be thankful for?

November is the month of Thanksgiving in the US, and if historical trends hold up, we’re about to see a price recovery that producers will appreciate.

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More money, more problems: Oil prices, M&A activity and competition

As the US oil market plunges toward the end of 2015 — and the end of the incredibly profitable hedges many large producers held throughout the year — investment capital is assembling on the sidelines, ready to pick off those who can’t make sub-$60/b work without those hedges.

And it’s not just the producers. Though many midstream companies will pointedly say that they have volumes fixed to term contracts and therefore aren’t exposed to fluctuations in price or production, most have at least some spot volume on their pipelines. And if a business is distressed, several analysts have said there’s plenty of capital waiting to snatch up those companies.

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Why US natural gas prices hit multi-year lows this week

On Oct. 29, 2015, the NYMEX November natural gas futures contract settled at $2.033/MMBtu.

For comparison, the November contract closed at $3.649/MMBtu in 2014, $1.61 higher or 79 percent higher than Oct. 29. The last time the prompt-month contract closed lower than Oct. 29 was April 24, 2012 at $1.975/MMBtu.

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Met Coke World Summit: Less minutiae, more macro

As conferences go, this US event may be the most cerebral in the steel raw materials calendar.

At the annual Met Coke World Summit in Pittsburgh this week, some of the presentations maybe far too technical for the commercial attendees and market analysts gathered for the largest metallurgical coke event worldwide.

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