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At the Wellhead: Eastern Canada’s fast-changing natural gas landscape

The Marcellus may be in the US, but it is having significant impacts north of the border as well. In this week’s Oilgram News column At the Wellhead, Ashok Dutta takes a look at these shifts.

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Map: Iraq’s Oil & Gas Infrastructure

In January, Iraq  found itself once more  beset by a wave of insurgency, as Sunni extremists took hold of large areas of Ramadi and all of Fallujah, the two main cities in Anbar province. Given its strategic importance to global oil supply, our Design and Production team have put together this map detailing the complex web of Iraq’s oil and gas infrastructure.

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The iceman cometh again: winter isn’t over for US natural gas markets

After the wallop of the polar vortex earlier this month that sent US gas demand and US Northeast gas prices soaring to all-time highs, one would think that the worst is over, no?

That would be a negative.

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At the Wellhead: “Local” pipelines an opportunity as oil output grows in North Dakota

There’s been so much focus on getting crude out of North Dakota that another opportunity hasn’t gotten as much attention: gathering and other midstream systems. Bridget Hunsucker looks at the landscape for those investment opportunities in this week’s Oilgram News column, At the Wellhead.

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Northern Gateway approval expected to have significant impact on Canadian oil markets

The Canadian Joint Review Panel’s approval last week of the 525,000 b/d Northern Gateway pipeline, from Bruderheim, near Edmonton, to Kitimat, British Columbia could spell the end of steeply discounted Canadian heavy sour crudes. It also may reduce the urgency to build the Keystone XL Pipeline and Energy East Projects, though if projected production increases come into effect in Canada, Northern Gateway won’t be enough to handle that rise.

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At the Wellhead: New pipelines will deal with Northeast ethane glut

The US shale gas revolution is producing a lot of ethane in the Northeast that doesn’t have an obvious market. New pipeline projects are taking care of that issue, as Bridget Hunsucker discusses in this week’s Oilgram News column, At the Wellhead.

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New Frontiers: a litany of oil pipeline/midstream woes bedevil the Mideast

It’s not enough to produce a lot of oil. It has to be taken to market. And in the Middle East, that’s increasingly a problem, as Tamsin Carlisle discusses in this week’s Oilgram News column, New Frontiers.

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A few thoughts on winter and US natural gas

Granted the market is only now just in the throes of hurricane season, but given the volatility already present in natural gas financial basis markets, I offer up a few thoughts on winter.

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Pipeline moves mean uncertain future for three Canadian grades of crude oil

All the proposed pipelines across eastern Canada are capturing headlines, but are leaving three crudes out in the cold, literally.

Hibernia, Terra Nova and White Rose, the three grades produced from fields offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, have long been a part of the local market for refineries along the North American East Coast and eastern Canada.

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Recent crude-carrying train derailments in US heat up crude by rail safety debate

Two trains carrying crude oil derailed in the US this month, making headlines that garnered more attention to a recent debate over the in-vogue shipping method’s environmental impact.

The popularity of crude by rail shipments has opponents of major proposed crude pipeline projects (like Transcanada’s Keystone XL) asking the question: is rail transport safe?

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