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And the top 10 oil stories of 2011 were…

Our top 10 survey this year had 37 news stories suggested as candidates for the biggest events of the year in the oil business.

There’s certainly not a lot of consensus out there: 24 of those 37 stories got 1st place votes. We’ve never had a distribution like that in the five years we’ve been running this survey. Unlike last year, when Macondo stood out among all the events of 2010, or 2008, when the march to almost $150 crude and its subsequent post-Lehman Brothers collapse dominated the news, 2011 had a lot of things going on. But it didn’t have that one signature story that everyone talked about, which is kind of surprising when you think about it.

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The top 10 oil stories of 2011: cast your vote now

In compiling the list of our nominees for the 10 biggest oil stories for the year, there weren’t any that jumped out quite like in some past years. In 2010, it was Macondo; in 2008, it was the price of oil spiking to almost $150/b.

So this year’s vote by our readers may turn up a wide divergence of opinions. Make yours heard by voting at this site. Only one vote per computer, but you can send the link around to as many as you like. You can see the “ballot” here.

Check back in a few weeks and we’ll have the results.

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The top 10 oil stories of 2009

Where to begin? The same place we do every year when we do this survey, trying to sort out what’s important and what’s less important. All of it, of course, is engaging, and utterly unpredictable.

Who would have thought at the start of 2009 that the world’s biggest oil company would pay billions on a US shale play? Who would have thought the price of oil would snap back $50 from its lows? Who would have thought that not a year to 18 months after people in the US were screaming that the country needed to build new refineries that companies were shutting down major facilities because the economics were so bad?

The year’s now almost done. Help us rank the biggest oil stories of the year at We’ll publish the results before the end of 2009.



The results: the top 10 stories of 2008

So what did our readers think was a bigger deal? The price going up? Or the price coming down?

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This year’s survey: the top 10 of 2008

Once again, we want your views on what are the top 10 oil stories of 2008.
I think everyone can agree that this year was quite a year. It seems almost premature to put out the list on December 4. Who knows what might happen in a mere 4 weeks until 2009 arrives?

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The top 10: what was missing

In the survey form for ranking the top 10 stories of 2007, we asked if there were any subjects in our 40-odd story offering that we had missed. A box was presented to those who took this option, a canvas for offering their opinions.

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The top 10: the results are in

The Barrel thanks everyone who contributed their views to the top 10 stories of 2007. We had more than 170 responses, with plenty of comments about what we missed.
The winner was no surprise: Oil soars, reaches close to $100 for WTI. But what was right behind it was instructive in in the way responders reacted to the various choices put before them.

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