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EIA analysis: big draw in gasoline inventories

A draw in gasoline stocks far beyond what had been predicted by analysts was one of the most notable numbers in this week’s Energy Information Administration’s weekly statistical report. You can see our analysis here.

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A different perspective on getting through the ethanol blendwall

Anna Temple of WoodMac tried at the annual AFPM meeting to put one aspect of the ethanol issue into a highly consumable number: eight.

The Houston-based downstream consultant, in one part of her presentation, said the Renewable Fuel Standard going forward could still trip up refiners, but she also addressed whether E85 has a part to play in meeting the ever-rising mandates set under RFS2.

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Regulation and Environment: Malaysia’s clean fuel goals run into its subsidies

Malaysia wants to introduce cleaner fuels. But that isn’t easy in a country where fuel prices are subsidized. Jonathan Nonis and Yen Ling Song teamed up to look at the issue in this week’s Oilgram News column, Regulation & Environment.

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Upping the Ante: US ethanol’s leadership sets out its stall after 2013′s setbacks

That the CEO of the Renewable Fuels Association would come out fighting after the 2013 annus horribilis was to be expected. When Bob Dinneen, a man they’ve come to call the Reverend in these parts because of his full throttle evangelisin’ on the blendstock’s position in the USA, took the stage to deliver the keynote opening address to the 2014 National Ethanol Conference last week, the packed auditorium knew broadly what to expect.

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A well-known independent oil company is getting into gas stations…sort of

A lot of integrated oil companies have split up into separate upstream and downstream companies; witness Marathon and ConocoPhillips.

Others have sold their downstream businesses piecemeal; Hess is doing that now.

At the very least, integrated oil companies like ExxonMobil have cut way back or eliminated company-owned gas stations.

But now we have a strange phenomenon: one of the nation’s best-known independent oil producers is going into the retail side of the biz.

We’re talking, of course, about Ewing Oil.

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Do you want to know an oil refinery secret? Look to Twitter

It’s hard to keep the cat in the bag when you’ve got a few hundred people pulling its tail.

Consider what goes on behind the fence at a refinery. Sure, there’s always flaring, and steam being released, and hard-hatted workers rushing to and fro.

But what’s really up? The companies would rather the public didn’t know the nitty-gritty, mainly for the cause of staying competitive in a business where regulation and a general downdraft in gasoline prices always put considerable pressure on the bottom line.

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Baby it’s cold inside…thanks to…

The recent polar vortices sweeping down from Canada have frozen much of the US to its core over the past month, driving home heating costs through the (drafty) roof, across the Midwest, Northeast and now the Southeast.

But the bugbear behind the dangerously tight natural gas market may come as a surprise to many. Sure, we’re exporting more NGLs and the frigid temperatures are eating away at stocks. That is free markets and good old fashioned supply and demand fundamentals at work, right?

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Petrodollars: An increase at the pump is a big headache for Petrobras

It’s a common story: a big company with some degree of government ownership finds itself needing to set gasoline and diesel prices on the basis of politics rather than just economics, and has a heap of trouble as a result. Brazil’s Petrobras is the latest, as correspondent Dom Phillips discusses in this week’s Oilgram News column, Petrodollars.

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EIA analysis: a big drop in product inventories

US refined product inventories sank 8.7 million barrels the week ending November 1 as demand for gasoline and distillates jumped, data released by the US Energy Information Administration showed today. The data appeared bullish for NYMEX RBOB futures, as the most significant draw in gasoline stocks was on the US Atlantic Coast — home of the New York delivery point for RBOB. You can read out analysis here.

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Gasoline prices are down, big car sales in the US are rising… a relationship?

There were a pair of news items over the past days that could be at least mildly indicative of two economic theorems: demand elasticity and Jevon’s Pardox.

Companies selling cars in the US reported their October sales Friday. Reviewing them, it’s hard not to miss the fact that the deeply-held view that Americans are turning away from bigger cars may be taking a hit from the sliding price of gasoline.

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