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Talk of tattoos, and other things, from “The Big Dog” Bill Clinton

I had the opportunity August 8 at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, to hear “the Big Dog” speak, which is what one of my editors in Washington calls former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton, at 26, and his then-girlfriend Hilary Rodham, spent time in Dallas and in Austin running George McGovern’s Texas campaign for president in 1972 when I was at the University of Texas.

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New Frontiers: celebrating natural gas’ new age…cautiously

At the recent World Gas Conference in Malaysia, the bright prospects for developing new markets for natural gas was a major topic of discussion. But the road isn’t going to be without bumps, or plenty of cost issues. Thomas Hogue talks about them in this week’s Oilgram News column, New Frontiers.

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The return of “Dallas”…a response from an original viewer

I want to reply to the blog of my friend and colleague Steve McGinn, a mere youngster writing about a show that premiered before he was born.

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Back to the future: “Dallas” and the oil biz returns to TV

The saying goes, what’s old is new again. Certainly fashion trends follow this notion, as bright-colored articles of clothing are everywhere again, like blinding lights from a disco floor.

Look no further than television: “Dallas” is back. 

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The madness within; the tale of the minister, the careless comment and the ensuing frenzy

“Careless talk costs lives,” was a UK-government maxim during the Second World War in an early propaganda campaign sought to redress one of the greatest threats the country had ever faced.

Modern-day political counterparts, arguably faced with another significant threat to national stability, stand accused of careless talk as the government’s initially Churchillian, bulldog response to strike action from tanker drivers has spiraled out of control.
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AFPM’s defense of US product exports doesn’t inspire

After spending several days at CERAWeek hearing the industry urge itself to make sure it gets the fracking revolution right and bring the public on board, it was somewhat discouraging to hear the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers talk about fuel exports.

The issue is pretty stark for most Americans, no matter how many basic economic arguments offered as explanation: the US is exporting refined petroleum exports like it never has before, just as lots of people are paying more than $4 for a gallon of gasoline.

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Those who observed it talk about the trends at CERAWeek

Eight different Platts journalists have been at the CERAWeek meeeting since Monday, some the entire time, others in and out. We’ve all been running from press room to briefing room to panel to the food table. There’s been a lot of information to digest; here is our attempt to report on some of the most significant trends we heard about. 

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CERA, day 3… power day: a running blog

And now we’re into electric power on this day at CERA, where electric power is the focus. But that inevitably brings in discussion of the things that produce that power.

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CERA day 2… gas day: a running blog

Here’s our running account of some of the more interesting aspects of the second full day of CERAWeek.

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Day 2 from Purvin & Gertz: exports and Argentina

And up the road from the CERA meeting, another IHS unit — Purvin & Gertz — was holding its own annual meeting on the market and outlook for NGLs/LPGs.

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