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In a volatile environment, BP decides it’s all too much

In a move last week that many commentators might see as a real blow for a company already struggling to convince the world of its environmentally friendly credentials, oil giant BP announced it had decided to sell its share in the UK’s largest bioethanol plant.

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More of Brazil’s sugar scooped up for ethanol, but sweet spot elusive

When you’re sitting on a shed load of sugarcane, it’s nice to know you have options. For Brazil, as the powerhouse of global sugar production, that choice falls into two broad areas — make sugar, or make ethanol.

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The Paul Revere of ethanol sounds the cry

The imports are coming, the imports are coming!

Just two months ago, we were at the National Ethanol Conference in Grapevine, Texas, talking about how the US ethanol industry was “going global.”

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Guest post: A driving force behind the Low Carbon Fuel Standard sees credit prices rising

John Kingston is President of the McGraw Hill Financial Global Institute and Director of Global Market Insights. He continues to observe energy markets after his many years with Platts.

The price of Low Carbon Fuel Standard credits is going to rise. It’s just a question of when.

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US biofuels: A tale of two conferences

Only 23 miles of State Highway 121 separates Fort Worth, where the National Biodiesel Board held its annual conference in January, and Grapevine, where the National Ethanol Conference set up shop last week. But the two industries couldn’t be further apart when it comes to their perspectives for the immediate future.

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US EPA pleads for some RFS understanding

Attendees of the National Ethanol Conference in suburban Dallas last week who were hoping to hear, at long last, what biofuels volumes the US Environmental Protection Agency would require in the overdue 2014 and 2015 Renewable Fuel Standards likely left disappointed.

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US ethanol industry excitement boiling over at 2015 RFA conference

Come for the ethanol, stay for the conversation.

The Renewable Fuels Association’s 20th annual National Ethanol Conference was jam-packed with fascinating discussions over issues and obstacles the US ethanol industry faced in 2014 and is expecting in 2015, including whether it’s possible to top a record for exports.

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US ethanol shrugs off its RFS local difficulties to embrace the world

For those ethanol producers outside of the US, the subtitle of the Renewable Fuels Association’s National Ethanol Conference — “Going Global” — is likely to unleash ripples of unease across their industry. Far from reeling from a perceived loss of support in the face of government hesitation and collapsing crude oil prices, the US ethanol sector is enjoying an upbeat gathering deep in the heart of Texas.

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Guest post: Falling energy prices send sweet signal to food producers

Guest blogger Jonathan Kingsman is the founder of Kingsman SA, which is now a unit of Platts, and he remains a Platts consultant.

The monthly Food Price Index of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) averaged 182.7 points in January 2015, down 1.9 per cent from its value a month earlier. The Index had already fallen nearly 10 per cent in the twelve months up to December 2014 and is now off nearly a quarter from its peak of 240.1 registered in February 2011. The Index has returned to levels last seen in August 2010. Except for a short-lived respite last October, the FAO Food Price Index has been falling every month since April 2014.

Last month’s decline was largely driven by a 7 per cent decline in wheat prices, something the FAO says is “confirmation of an ample supply situation this season and stronger likelihood of inventories reaching their highest level in over a decade.” At its current value, the FAO Cereal Price Index has fallen to its lowest since July 2010 and is now more than a third below its peak reached in June 2008.

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Ethanol production in US approaches milestone at warp speed

Earlier this year, I jokingly asked an ethanol trader if he thought the US would hit one million barrels of ethanol production per day anytime soon.

“No way,” he said. “That’s light-years away.”

And in many ways, it did seem like an impossibility at the time.

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