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On the road again: Why one of the US’ largest oil producers saw car traffic drop

What will get North Dakota drivers back on the road?

On Monday, the US Department of Transportation released its July 2015 Traffic Volume Trends, showing every state posting a year-over-year increase in vehicle miles traveled – except for one.

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US Atlantic Coast crucial stronghold for rail and crude

Pipelines are chasing crude-by-rail shipments out of most US markets, but the Bakken-to-Atlantic-Coast route has managed to keep a hold on its market share, making the spread between domestic and international crudes more important than ever to profitability on the rails.

Rail used to have a key advantage in the midstream market; namely, it was already there. When the US started producing massive quantities of crude oil from shale wells about six years ago, the volumes quickly overwhelmed the market’s ability to move it around with traditional infrastructure. Huge amounts of crude oil were piling up in the Bakken, hundreds or even thousands of miles from the major coastal refining regions, and no one had the space to move it.

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Russia’s oil industry woes also from within: Petrodollars

Russia’s oil and natural gas industry is feeling the impact of low prices and financial and technological sanctions, but disagreements within the country’s own energy sector are also proving a hurdle to development, as Rosemary Griffin details in this week’s Oilgram News column, Petrodollars.

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China’s teapot refiners are not all hot steam

Dongming, Yatong, Kenli, Lijin: A new breed of companies are emerging from China. Part of the band of independent teapot refiners, which by almost any measure are considered underdogs in the country, they are now taking their first, albeit tentative steps into international trading.

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Upstream oil execs agree: Low, long and living within means

The recent Barclays CEO Energy-Power Conference came at a crucial time in the current lower-for-longer oil price environment and clarified upstream CEOs’ plans to weather what could be 2015 all over again for a couple of more years.

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Has US shale rendered spare capacity irrelevant? At the Wellhead

In this week’s Oilgram News column, At the Wellhead, Herman Wang  looks at how the resilience of shale and the proliferation of US oil production has pushed the US into a new role as the world’s swing producer.

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Music to OPEC’s ears: IEA sees cartel’s oil strategy as having ‘intended effect’

The past year has, without a doubt, been a momentous one for oil markets. Prices began their precipitous plunge in mid-2014, only for OPEC’s shift in strategy in November last year to send them even lower.

At the time, OPEC argued that the market should be left to balance itself, and that it should be the higher-cost oil that should be removed from the market first — not the lower-cost OPEC oil.

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US crude oil export state of play

On Thursday, a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee passed HR 702, which would repeal all limits on US crude exports. The US Energy Information Administration claims that a crude export policy shift would likely have a relatively minimal impact on overall export levels, causing, at most, 1.5 million b/d of crude exports over current levels, but only in the most extreme case the agency looked at.

Still, the policy has ignited a fierce lobbying battle between producers, who claim they need access to the world market to compete in the current low-price environment, and some refiners, who claim a policy change will hinder the domestic refining industry.

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The Oil Big Five: Crude oil catches much of our attention

Oil made its way into various public conversations between last month’s posting of The Oil Big Five and this month’s roundup of some of oil’s biggest and hottest topics. Looking back over the past few weeks, and then looking forward toward the rest of the year, it’s clear that there may not be any slowing down anytime soon.

Welcome, once again, to The Oil Big Five, where we ask our oil editors and analysts worldwide what they think are the most important or interesting topics in oil at the moment.

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Paper and barrels, pushing and pulling oil prices: Petrodollars

It’s an old debate: Is it fundamentals or trading that primarily drive oil prices? As John Kingston, previously of Platts and now president of the McGraw Hill Financial Global Institute, explains in this week’s Oilgram News column, Petrodollars, it’s not always an either/or debate.

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