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Are oil market uncertainties, falling prices taking the sparkle out of London IP Week?

You know that London IP Week is underway when hundreds of attendees gather at the May Fair Hotel to attend the Platts London Oil Forum, which was Monday. Attendance was so high that the 500-plus participants filled three large conference rooms, linked by live video feed and connected by iPads, which got them sharing their views during a series of crucial updates and panel discussions.

Speculation about the price of a barrel of oil has made its way from the business sections to the front page, and as we fast approach $30/b, the hot topic for presenters and participants at LOF 2016 was: How low can it go?

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Sanctions failed to take a bite out of Russia’s oil patch: Fuel for Thought

International sanctions against Russia introduced in 2014 turned out not to be the bogeyman they first seemed to be, and could in fact have played a key role in helping the Russian oil sector to not only handle the sharp price drop over the last year and a half, but make the industry more efficient in the long run.

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Pemex reform efforts in Mexico hobbled by oil downturn: Fuel for Thought

Falling crude oil production, falling refined product output and falling income have led many to believe that the sky is falling on Mexico’s state-owned oil company Pemex.

The perilous situation for Mexico’s energy industry — and Pemex is Mexico’s energy industry — has not been lost on officials who are trying to reform the company and, by extension, the nation’s energy landscape.

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Despite holding steady, North Dakota braces for oil supply crash

When North Dakota oil production broke above 1 million b/d for the first time in April 2014, many expected that the 2 million b/d threshold would be breached in relatively short order.

With WTI spot prices averaging over $100/b in the months that followed, some even speculated that 2 million b/d may be too modest of a goal for a state in the throes of a shale oil renaissance.

But prices, and those expectations, have come crashing down.

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How quickly can Iran get its oil groove back? — Fuel for Thought

Iran’s speed of re-integration into the global oil market is a million b/d question mark hanging over the industry.

How much additional oil will flow from Iran will depend on how quickly Tehran can ramp up after several years that effectively shut in a chunk of its production and how fast it can make new inroads into an already crowded market.

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The Oil Big Five: What news is good news for oil in 2016?

Welcome to the first version of The Oil Big Five for 2016, when we round up some of the biggest news and trends from the global oil industry and think to ourselves: Wow, things sure have changed since our first post.

But then, that’s oil for you: Things are always changing, and yet some things remain the same. We asked our oil editors and analysts around the world for what they think are outstandingly important drivers in the markets, and these are items they chose, in no particular order.

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Iran’s post-sanctions oil plans and their market impact

This weekend the world witnessed what has been hailed as the most significant diplomatic breakthrough since the collapse of the Soviet Union: the lifting of nuclear sanctions against Iran.

The lifting of sanctions, which came late Saturday, followed confirmation from the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency that Tehran had fulfilled its obligations under an agreement last summer to limit its nuclear program.

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Political promises squeeze Canadian oil industry

The oil industry had eight years of an energy friendly government in Canada and couldn’t get a single new export pipeline built.

Now, with newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau keeping his campaign promise of banning tanker traffic off parts of Canada’s west coast, it put the already reeling industry further on its heels and could eventually force more production shut-ins and cuts in investment due to a lack of access to global crude markets.

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Once too little, now too much? US oil pipelines, projects, production and prices

An overabundance of investment capital has driven a wedge between US midstream asset valuations and actual shipping demand for infrastructure, and the imbalance looks to only be getting more severe as time goes on.

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Declining Trans-Alaska crude oil pipeline flows put a chill on operations: Fuel for Thought

Trans-Alaska Pipeline System operators are taking new steps to keep North Slope crude oil warm enough to flow through the 800-mile pipeline during cold months of the Alaskan winter.

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