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OPEC oil output in March: A reversal of recent trends

OPEC output took a significant decline in March, according to the latest Platts survey. It also marked a reversal of recent trends, wherein Saudi Arabia would normally make up for shortfalls out of other OPEC countries. But this time, Iraq output fell, as did that of Libya, but Saudi output declined as well. You can read Platts’ analysis here.

An SPR bazooka and the central bank of oil

In a perfect world of crude pricing, there would exist a mechanism to soak up excess length when prices were low, and add length into the market when prices were high.

In the world of money, this is called a central bank, with a dual mandate of keeping inflation low and employment as full as possible. There is no central bank for crude oil. But if there were, its dual mandate would be a price floor for producers and a price ceiling for consumers. Read the rest of this entry »

EIA analysis: Gulf Coast crude oil stocks hit record high

U.S. Gulf Coast crude oil stocks hit record highs during the week ended March 21st, reaching 200.3 million barrels, as growing pipeline capacity from Cushing, Oklahoma, sent barrels southward, according to data released Wednesday by the US Energy Information Administration (EIA). Read the full Platts analysis here.

EIA analysis: Crude oil stocks jump more than expected

US crude oil stocks rose a greater-than-expected 5.9 million barrels the week ended March 14 as refiners continued to ease back run rates due to seasonal maintenance, according to data released Wednesday by the US Energy Information Administration. Read our analysis here.

IEA notes big jump in global oil supply in February

The oil market is no stranger to conflicting price signals, and the current period of relatively calm prices is a case in point.

The ongoing standoff between Russia and the West has so far caused only a relatively small, and short-lived rise in crude prices, despite the huge importance of oil trade between Russia and Europe, in particular.

If you want to know why the reaction was not bigger, you might want to take a look at the latest monthly report from the International Energy Agency, which has some very interesting data in it.

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Mexico looks for new places to sell its oil

The first domino of what could be a new page in the shifting international crude market fell in late February when Cosmo Oil imported a cargo of Mexican crude to its refinery in Japan.

This seemingly insignificant transaction actually tells yet one more story in the larger tale about the changes in crude exports, especially for countries that once had a firm grasp on the US marketplace.

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EIA analysis: a small rise in crude oil inventories

Crude oil inventories rose last week…but not by much. US inventories continue to remain less than last year’s levels, and the five-year average. You can read Platts’ analysis of the numbers here.

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Do you want to know an oil refinery secret? Look to Twitter

It’s hard to keep the cat in the bag when you’ve got a few hundred people pulling its tail.

Consider what goes on behind the fence at a refinery. Sure, there’s always flaring, and steam being released, and hard-hatted workers rushing to and fro.

But what’s really up? The companies would rather the public didn’t know the nitty-gritty, mainly for the cause of staying competitive in a business where regulation and a general downdraft in gasoline prices always put considerable pressure on the bottom line.

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Map: Iraq’s Oil & Gas Infrastructure

In January, Iraq  found itself once more  beset by a wave of insurgency, as Sunni extremists took hold of large areas of Ramadi and all of Fallujah, the two main cities in Anbar province. Given its strategic importance to global oil supply, our Design and Production team have put together this map detailing the complex web of Iraq’s oil and gas infrastructure.

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EIA Analysis: US crude oil stocks surge despite refinery restarts

US commercial crude oil stocks jumped 6.4 million barrels, data released Thursday by the US Energy Information Administration showed. The surge in stocks comes despite ramped-up run rates as units came back online after an intense period of cold weather that caused US refiners to shutter some units. You can see our analysis here.

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