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EIA analysis: Gulf Coast refineries are cranking it out

US Gulf Coast refineries operated at a record rate last week, according to the Energy Information Administration. You can see our analysis of the latest numbers here.

EIA analysis: lots of things behind EIA reported build in crude oil stocks

A relatively minor build in crude oil stocks came about as a result of several factors in this week’s EIA inventory report. You can read our analysis of the numbers here. 

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EIA analysis: a big decline in gasoline inventories

This week’s EIA oil inventory data recorded a big drop in US gasoline inventories for last week. You can see our analysis of the numbers here.

EIA analysis: strong runs lead to a drop in crude oil stocks

The weekly EIA report showed a fairly sharp decline in crude oil inventories, led in part by strong refinery operating rates. You can see our analysis here. 

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Guest blog: Hamilton has it right on oil

Steven Kopits is the Managing Director of Princeton Energy Advisors, LLC.  He is currently writing a book on supply-constrained oil markets analysis.

Once again, we return to the debate over the direction of oil prices, this time led by the high price school.

In a recent article, Professor James Hamilton of the University of California argues that sluggish supply growth, coupled with sustained emerging market demand, will tend to keep oil prices elevated.  He writes, “the world of energy may have changed forever…hundred dollar oil is here to stay.”

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Energy Economist: The amount of oil the world uses, seen through different eyes

Counting barrels is always tough to do, as Ross McCracken discusses in this month’s excerpt from Platts Energy Economist.

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EIA analysis: US refineries crank up their runs, crude oil stocks fall

The US refinery operating rate rose more than 2 percentage points last week, which for a one-week period is a significant jump. You can read about what that meant for inventories by reading our weekly analysis here.

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The end is nigh for high sulfur European gasoil, despite pockets of demand

It has not been a great year for high sulfur gasoil consumption in Europe, by any stretch of the imagination.

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IEA paints a steady picture for 2015 oil markets

The International Energy Agency on Friday gave its first taste of how oil markets might look in 2015, and on first reading it looks as though they should be pretty well supplied throughout the course of the year.

The agency’s confidence that non-OPEC supply can meet almost all of the projected growth in demand next year means that OPEC itself won’t need to produce, on average, any more than its current 30 million b/d ceiling. Read the rest of this entry »

S&P Dow Jones launches a new commodity index

Our colleagues at S&P Dow Jones Indices — like Platts, a unit of McGraw Hill Financial — have launched a new commodity index. Investing in commodities through indexes do or do not have a significant impact on price; we cite both sides of the coin to note that it is an issue of significant disagreeement among analysis.

Platts wrote about the launch in this news story on July 1, the day the index was launched. We are republishing here a blog posting from S&P’s blog Indexology, written by Jodie Gunzberg, global head of commodities for S&P Dow Jones Indices. We have featured Jodie’s views on The Barrel previously.

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