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Dirt devil: Airlines filter through info on latest fuel quality issue

At the Platts Middle Distillates Conference in Antwerp, Belgium, in late January, those attending spoke a diesel-focused language, this being Europe where people mostly drive diesel cars even after the VW scandal.

So I had to filter out a lot of information to get any dirt on jet fuel — also a middle distillate. And what did they talk about for jet fuel? Not prices or inventories. But filters. And dirt.

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Good news, bad news for US biodiesel industry in 2016

Traders, marketers, producers and other stakeholders of the US biodiesel industry have converged on Tampa, Fla., this week for the 2016 National Biodiesel Conference to review the last year and look ahead to what 2016 brings.

Despite spending 2015 awash in uncertainty due to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s delayed decision on the Renewable Fuel Standard blending mandates, the biodiesel industry ended the year with a few key victories.

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US ethanol seems to resist the siren song of low gasoline prices

US ethanol’s recent pursuit of gasoline’s nosedive has reminded me of the Gin Blossoms classic, “Follow You Down.” In the chorus of that 1996 hit, the band sings, “Anywhere you go, I’ll follow you down. I’ll follow you down, but not that far.”

That’s basically where US ethanol prices are at right now: Looking at gasoline prices, saying, “I’ll follow you down, but not that far.”

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Australian biofuel use to plummet despite Queensland ethanol mandate

A decision by the Queensland government to mandate the use of ethanol in regular unleaded gasoline sold in the state may provide a small uptick in demand for the blendstock. But it will not put a dent in a forecast crash in Australia’s overall use of biofuels, mainly expected due to falling biodiesel imports.

The parliament of Queensland, in Australia’s northeast, passed legislation on December 1 mandating that ethanol make up 3% of regular gasoline sales in the state from July 1, 2017, rising to 4% on July 1, 2018. The Liquid Fuel Supply (Ethanol and Other Biofuels Mandate) Amendment Act 2015 also requires biodiesel and renewable diesel to make up 0.5% of total diesel sales in Queensland from mid-2017.

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Rollin’ on the river — or not, for global biofuels

The essential role rivers play in the transportation of biofuels across Europe and the United States becomes only too apparent when water levels hit extreme highs or lows as they have done this year.

Severe droughts have plagued Europe over the summer and the lack of rain has resulted in drastically low water levels along the length of the Rhine. Similarly, the largest river system in the United States, and North America, the Mississippi, has also experienced low water levels making barging difficult for buyers and sellers. Platts US and European biofuels team look at the impact this is having on biofuel markets in the region.

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What a difference a year makes for European ethanol

The European ethanol community gathered in Budapest over the first week of November to look at the current challenges and opportunities facing the ethanol, and wider biofuels, markets. As the dust settles and the excitement wanes, we take a look at the overarching messages and opinions coming from the biofuels, and in particular, ethanol industry.

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A US ethanol rally to be thankful for?

November is the month of Thanksgiving in the US, and if historical trends hold up, we’re about to see a price recovery that producers will appreciate.

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Deepwater Horizon ripples help sink US Arctic drilling: Regulation and Environment

In this week’s Oilgram News, Regulation and Environment, Gary Gentile looks at the after-effects of Deepwater Horizon on offshore production elsewhere and has a bonus segment about the future of the Renewable Fuels Standard in the US, which could impact both the oil industry and biofuels producers.

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Dry spell for DDGS as China stops buying

While some may associate the summer with dry spells, for the US dried distillers grains (DDGS) market, the dry spell has come in the fall.

Numerous sources have said that China, the world’s No. 1 importer of DDGS, has stopped purchasing the ethanol byproduct in recent months after buying heavily earlier in the year. That assertion is backed up by data from the US Department of Agriculture. According the USDA, DDGS exports peaked in May at $252.016 million, fell off slightly in July, then cratered in August.

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September gloom in store for US ethanol prices?

US ethanol producers are treading water right now with razor-thin margins brought on by low prices, but if historical trends hold up, things could get even uglier in September.

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