Gas Daily: Colorado’s anti-fracking ballot initiative fizzles out…for now

After some local areas of Colorado last year passed fracking bans of dubious legality — that sort of thing is generally the responsibility of the state, not a city or town — there arose a clamor for an initiative that would give localities that power. It was seen as a way to severerly limit fracking throughout the state.

It was such a hot-button issue that Democrats in the state were concerned that the issue could create rifts in the party. But all that fretting was for naught; the issue won’t be on the ballot in November.

Platts’ Jim Magill, in a full story in today’s issue of Gas Daily, laid out what happened to the ballot initiative that had gotten so much attention but ultimately couldn’t get enough signatures to be put before voters. He shared some other observations.

A decision by anti-fracking activists to stop collecting signatures on a proposed ballot initiative might be an indication that they were taking their antagonism toward the controversial well completion technique a little too far. Although two other initiatives that would limit the rights of oil and gas operators in the state still seem likely to find their way onto the ballot in November, Initiative 75, a far more radical proposal, will not be put before voters, after proponents conceded this week that they’re unlikely to secure the required number of signatures by a deadline early next month. Initiative 75 would have given cities and towns broad power to oppose activity by any corporation operating in their borders, not just oil and gas companies. This might have proven to be too extreme an idea, even for Colorado voters, well known for giving a new meaning to the phrase “Rocky Mountain high.”

You can read the full story here.

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  1. Dave at July 16, 2014 6:18 pm

    Great news. People need to educate themselves on fracking.


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